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How many pairs of shoes do you own and use? Do you own and use more than one pair? Why? You own more than one pair of shoes because one pair just won't do everything that you need a pair of shoes to do in every situation! You wouldn't play basketball in your dress shoes! And, if you're a working professional, you probably own a pair of navy shoes to match your navy suit, and a black pair to match your black suit. Trust our optical staff to help you put together an appropriate and affordable eyewear wardrobe!

Primary Eyewear

This is the eyewear you own and use most of the time, your everyday eyewear. For most people, this is either a pair of clear eyeglasses or contact lenses. If you primarily wear eyeglasses, consider investing in the best that technology has to offer today in anti-glare coatings, in thinner/lighter lens materials, and in no-line multifocals…after all, even if you pay, say, $500 for a pair of eyeglasses that you keep for two years, you will be spending less than 70 cents per day to "see and be seen" with a great pair of eyeglasses! If you primarily wear contact lenses, consider investing in a year supply of contact lenses. Having a fresh pair on hand allows you to replace your contact lenses regularly as recommended by your doctor. In fact, following the doctor's recommendations regarding (1) regular replacement of your contact lenses, (2) appropriate daily wearing time of your contact lenses, and (3) proper cleaning of your contact lenses, will help you to avoid irritating and vision threatening contact lens complications and to ensure healthy comfortable eyes and clear vision far into the future.

Back-up Eyewear

Everybody needs a pair of back-up eyeglasses! Just ask any eyeglass wearer who ever broke their only pair of eyeglasses on a business trip! Even if you primarily wear disposable contact lenses, you need a decent pair of eyeglasses just in case you have an eye infection and cannot wear your contact lenses for a week. Also, because of the eye's need for oxygen and the dry climate here in Colorado, we recommend that most contact lens wearers limit their daily wearing time to about 12 hours per day. So, you need a pair of eyeglasses to wear around the house in the evenings, to study or watch television. Your back-up eyeglasses don't have to be brand new, but they should meet the following two criteria. First, your back-up eyeglasses should be functional. You should see at least 20/40 or better with your back-up eyeglasses, which is the level of visual acuity that is legal for driving. Also, ask yourself if you could see comfortably enough with your back-up eyeglasses to commute to work or school and to function efficiently there all day long. Second, your back-up eyeglasses should be socially acceptable enough that you would not be embarrassed to wear them in public.


Did you know that ultraviolet (UV) light is 6% more intense for every 1000 foot gain in elevation? So, our UV light exposure here in Denver is approximately 30% more intense than at sea level …and it's even worse when you are skiing or hiking in the high country! Did you know that there is a higher incidence of life-threatening malignant melanoma of the skin and of the eye in Colorado? Did you also know that cumulative lifetime exposure to UV light has been scientifically shown to contribute to two very common age-related eye diseases, cataracts and macular degeneration? Additionally, chronic outdoor exposure to UV light and wind can cause irritation and redness of the outer eye, as well as cosmetically annoying calluses of the outer eye. So, everybody needs a pair of sunglasses, especially here in Colorado! You know that sunscreen will protect you skin from signs of aging and from skin cancer caused by UV light exposure…likewise, sunglasses will protect your eyes! If you primarily wear contact lenses, you need good quality nonprescription sunwear. We sell and service a fabulous selection of fashionable and affordable quality sunwear, such as Oakley, Maui Jim, and Rayban. We also carry the very best nonprescription polarized and anti-glare coated sun lenses on the market from Maui Jiml and Ray Ban.

Sports Eyewear

Your regular eyeglass frame, even a durable Flexon frame, is not meant for eyewear protection during sports! Besides the great outdoor sunwear and sports options mentioned above, we carry RecSpecs safety sports frames for kids and adults who do not want to wear contact lenses. We also carry specialized sports eyewear, such as prescription swim goggles and ski goggles.

Computer/Deskwork Eyewear

If you are 45 years old or better and wear a no-line multifocal eyeglass lens, have you ever noticed that long periods of computer work are a "pain in the neck"…literally? In order to get your computer screen in focus with your no-line multifocal you must lean your head backwards for long periods of time, resulting in annoying neck strain and eyestrain. And the area of your no-line multifocal that is best for your computer screen is very narrow, causing you to constantly turn your head since you cannot get your entire 17 inch screen in focus at one time. There is an answer! There are specially designed lenses available specifically for intermediate (computer screen and clients) and near (keyboard) viewing which are much more ergonomically correct! These lens designs with a good anti-glare coating can make your deskwork much more efficient and visually comfortable.

Other Special Occupational or Recreational Eyewear

Do you have some other special visual need that is not being met by your eyewear? Ask our opticians! We have even done really unusual eyewear, like double bifocals for electricians and pilots. We are here to help you find an answer for any visual need that you or your family member might have.

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