Exchange Policies


  1. Any UNMARKED, UNOPENED, AND UNEXPIRED boxes of disposable soft contact lenses can be exchanged for up to 6 months from the date of order, EXCEPT some Cooper Vision products. Boxes of certain Cooper Vision products (including torics) in the same condition may only be exchanged for 3 months from the date of order.
  2. Any individual defective disposable soft contact lens can be brought to our office along with the blister pack for exchange. Therefore, we recommend that you keep your blister pack after opening it for approximately one week.
  3. OPENED boxes of most disposable soft contact lenses CANNOT be exchanged. Your trial fitting period using samples of your disposable soft contact lenses is performed to ensure that the final contact lenses prescribed will provide you with the best possible vision, comfort, and eye health during the following year when replaced, worn, and cleaned as recommended. If you are uncertain about the quality of vision or comfort that you achieved with your sample lenses, then you should consult your doctor before opening your boxes.
  4. If you do experience difficulty with the first set of disposable contact lenses from your boxes compared to your samples, then DO NOT open any further lenses from the box and call our office. This is especially important with certain toric (astigmatism-correcting) soft contact lenses.
  5. Opened boxes of colored disposable soft contact lenses also CANNOT be exchanged. Because manufacturers now only provide clear samples with the patient's prescription and un-powered color samples, we do sometimes experience complaints regarding discomfort or dissatisfaction with the color chosen with colored disposable soft contact lenses. However, we can still gladly exchange any unmarked, unopened, unexpired boxes of these colored disposable soft contact lenses for up to 6 months from the date of order.
  6. Most conventional (yearly) replacement soft or rigid gas permeable contact lenses may be exchanged for up to 60 days from the date of order. Also, for conventional replacement soft or rigid gas permeable contact lenses we offer a 30% lost or broken discount for one year from your last eye exam rather than offering an "insurance program". We can offer the same discount if you would like to purchase a spare pair once your prescription is finalized.
  7. In the case where an exchange can be done as described above, but you would prefer a refund rather than an exchange, we will refund the amount of your eligible returned contact lens products minus a $25 return fee to offset shipping and staff expenses. If you would like to have your refund amount credited toward future purchases at Dove Valley Vision Center, such as eyeglasses, then we will gladly waive the refund fee as a professional courtesy.
  8. Finally, we do NOT exchange any contact lenses purchased elsewhere.

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