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Why is high quality contact lens care so important?

When fit and used properly, contact lenses are a safe and enjoyable alternative to eyeglasses. They can enhance your appearance and your active lifestyle. However, contact lenses do directly interact with the tissue of the eyes. If fit or used improperly, they can cause irritation, serious infection, and even corneal irregularities resulting in blurred vision. Over 45% of our patients use contact lenses. So, we are committed to individually assessing each patient’s goals, eye health, and vision to ensure that each patient achieves the best possible vision and comfort with their contact lenses. We are also dedicated to educating all of our patients about proper replacement, wear, and care of their contact lenses to ensure that all of our patients continue to enjoy healthy eyes and clear vision far into the future.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for contact lens education . The site contains a great deal of information on the healthy use and wear of contact lenses. Visit the CDC and read all about healthy contact lens recommendations.

We hope this information has helped you to understand the contact lens fitting process and our related fees and policies. We always strive to operate our business honestly and fairly, by the Golden Rule.

Urban Myth: It’s cheaper to buy my contact lenses over the Internet. True OR False?

False! Although there was a time when this myth was true in many eye doctor’s offices, Dove Valley Vision Center has changed with the times! It is typically less expensive to purchase your contact lenses here, at Dove Valley Vision Center, rather than through Internet suppliers, such as 1-800-CONTACTS. And, we can also offer you convenience and great bonuses. Read on to discover how you can save yourself precious time and money by purchasing your contact lenses from Dove Valley Vision Center today!

We can often times have your contact lenses shipped directly to your home at no charge when you purchase a year’s supply. Having a year’s supply on hand will save you time shopping and reordering AND studies show you will be more compliant with your doctor’s recommended replacement schedule, resulting in more comfortable contact lens wear, clearer vision, and healthier whiter eyes. Also, we accept most major credit cards (even over the telephone).

When you purchase a year’s supply of contact lenses from Dove Valley Vision Center, you will receive the following bonuses:

  1. 20% off any complete frame and lens purchase to help you purchase back-up eyeglasses.
  2. Generous exchange policies! Please see our Exchange Policies.

What exactly is a “contact lens fitting”?

The process of assessment and education described above constitutes a “contact lens fitting”. The exact steps of that process may vary, depending upon the complexity of your needs, your eye health, and your vision. The process may be completed at the same visit as your annual eye examination in some straightforward cases, or it may require several follow-up visits in more complex cases. For example, at your initial visit, along with the procedures performed as part of your basic comprehensive eye examination, the doctor may assess your contact lens goals (such as sports), additional eye health concerns related to contact lens use (such as corneal curvature and dryness), and your vision needs (such as computer use) to determine the best contact lens modality for you. Then you might receive a pair of sample contact lenses to try in your own environment. The doctor may also require that he/she see you again for a more brief follow-up visit in a few weeks. These follow-up visits help to ensure that you are achieving the best possible vision and comfort with your new contact lenses and that your eyes are indeed adapting properly to the new contact lenses.

In any case, you can now easily see how the process of “contact lens fitting” does require extra time and expertise on behalf of both the doctor and the staff compared to a basic comprehensive eye examination (which includes the prescription of eyeglasses and a thorough evaluation of eye health). Therefore, “contact lens fitting” is considered an additional professional service provided by the doctor and staff above and beyond the basic comprehensive eye examination; and thus, an additional fee is charged to you, the patient, for that service. 

We are happy to help you to the best of our ability and utilizing any available technology to achieve your goals. Therefore, our contact lens fitting fees include any contact lens-related services, including two follow-up visits. We do ask that you not allow more than six weeks to elapse between follow-up visits and that you wear or bring your sample contact lenses to your follow-up visits. For brand new contact lens wearers who cannot successfully insert and remove their contact lenses at their training visit, and thus choose not to proceed, we will reduce the fitting fee to a flat $25.00. Finally, when your fitting process is completed to both your satisfaction and the doctor’s satisfaction, you will be given a copy of your contact lens prescription.

Your contact lens prescription is valid for one year from your last follow-up visit in accordance with Colorado State Law (Optometry Statute #9.00.02) and the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (effective February 4, 2003). Your supply of contact lenses is NOT included in your contact lens fitting fee. However, you will find our contact lens supply service to be very convenient and our prices to be competitive. 

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