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Discover quality eyecare provided by experienced Eye Care Professionals in a warm, family-oriented environment at our state-of-the-art office. At Dove Valley Vision Center we use computerized technology to ensure you the most accurate vision and eye health examination possible. We personalize your eyewear to fit your unique style and the way you live and work today. And, we offer you convenient hours close to home to accommodate your busy schedule. Our office strives to provide value in both services, eyewear, and contact lenses.

Dove Valley Vision Center has been serving the Southeast Denver Metro area for the past 18 years. The owners, husband and wife team Dr. David Kleim and Dr. Stacy Riley, first opened their offices in Southeast Aurora in 1998. Thanks to word-of-mouth referrals from their loyal patients, the practice grew steadily over the first 10 years. The practice was relocated and renamed in the spring of 2008 in order to expand.

We offer Comprehensive Eye Exams, Contact Lenses, Medical Eye Care, Full Service Optical, Onsite Lab, and pre- and post-LASIK surgery care.

"Our mission is to provide our patients with the best value in eyecare, by offering personalized, professional service and quality eyewear using state-of-the-art technology in a warm family atmosphere. We want to care for your family's vision and eye health needs for a lifetime." Dr. Kleim & Dr. Riley

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  • If you are looking for value and a local company that you can trust, we are here for you. We have single vision eyeglass packages for $69 and multifocal packages for $149. This includes frame, lenses, and anti-reflective coating. There are over 300 hundred frames to choose from at our office for these packages. Our multifocal lenses are manufactured by Zeiss, one of the premier optical companies in the world. We stand behind our products and can match or beat the prices at the big box stores.
  • Spectera Vision Insurance now accepted. We are pleased to announce that we are once again accepting Spectera (United Healthcare) Insurance at our office. We have been out of network for two years, but have recently signed a new contract. Eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses are available under Spectera. Please contact our office to schedule or go online.

    Spectera eyecare

  • Physician Recommended Nutraceuticals (PRN): We recommend Physician Recommended De Omega-3 formula for eye health and dry eye treatment. Millions of Americans suffer from poor eye health. Numerous clinical studies have validated the benefits of the right omega-3 to support healthy eyes.  PRN De is essential for people who have dry eyes due to poor oil in their tears, which is about 85% of those with dry eyes. PRN De has the highest concentration of omega-3s on the market. It is available through our office. Give us a call or ask at the front desk. 
  • One-day contact lenses offer the best combination of health and convenience. Alcon Dailies Total1 contacts are the only water gradient contact lens on the market. They offer the most comfort with clear vision throughout the day.
  • BlephEXOver 82 million people in the United States have blepharitis associated with dry eyes. We are excited to announce the addition of a significant step forward in the treatment of dry eyes - Blephex. Blephex is an effective and affordable treatment for dry eye blepharitis.

Dr. David Kleim and Dr. Stacy Riley
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  • David M. Kleim,
    Ph.D., O.D.
    Diplomate, American Board of Optometry

    Dr. Kleim is originally from California and received a BA and MA from California State University, Fresno. Before becoming an optometrist, Dr. Kleim received a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri, Columbia. He was a Psychologist at Fort Hays State University in Kansas where he taught graduate courses for clinical and school psychology as well as supervising students in clinical practicum.

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  • Stacy L. Riley
    Diplomate, American Board of Optometry

    Dr. Riley is originally from Stillwater, OK. Before becoming an optometrist, she coached and judged gymnastics. Dr. Riley received a BA degree from Oklahoma State University.

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